Jamaican patties 


Jerk Chicken. seasoned and smoked to perfection 

St. Jacobs Farmers Market

Big Jerk Smoke House


Caters to large and small events, Commercial, Institutional, Weddings, Special events and Residential. We offer Onsite BBQ, smoked and Jerk  meals and hot catering set ups and we have a Couple Food Trucks Rolling about. 

Family owned and operated

Jerk Burger slow smoked all beef pattie with a hint of jerk seasoning

Since 1983, we've been bringing you the best in Caribbean cuisine and a blend of Canadian classics,  

Bbq smoked burgers and Poutine with a hint of jerk sauce 

Curry and Jamaican Jerk dishes


Designed for taste, freshness and quality. From Spicy hot to savory mild.